Brandi Marketing Feb 1st Hourly Rate Price Increase

Be on the lookout for pricing changes taking effect February 1

Brandi Marketing is committed to being transparent with my clients. Since 2013, Brandi Marketing’s clients have not experienced an increase in price. An overall adjustment of $10 an hour is necessary to address rising costs from sourcing, inflation, and cost of living increases without compromising my quality commitment. 

Beginning February 1, you will see the cost adjustment if you do not already have a contract with Brandi Marketing. I’d like to share what this price change represents:

  • Brandi Marketing’s continued commitment to customer service
  • Maintaining my relationships with contractors that help support me in providing affordable services to my clients.
  • Equipment and Program updates such as new camera equipment, new programs licenses or updates, software upgrades, etc. 

Price Increase Does NOT Affect Current Contracts & A la Carte Pricing

Contracted clients will remain at their rate until the end of the contract. While the price of my hourly rate is going up slightly, the a la carte product pricing will remain the same and you will also have the option of signing a retainer or package deal contract before the rate adjusts in six months. 

If you would like to lock into today’s rate for the next six months please contact me about setting up a contract before February 1st.

Maintaining the existing cost of single project items on the a la carte list (ie: business card design, webpages or brochures) is one way I’m keeping your necessary items affordable for you and your business!

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to everything Brandi Marketing and Photography has to offer!

Watch for this change beginning February 1.

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